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Heeley City Farm

SUCV painted the farm white for its residents, this task was great fun!

Despite being so close (and always being well received and hearing good things),

this was my first task to Heeley City Farm. Located not far off the bustling

London Road, you would never think an urban farm would exist here, let alone

one that has done for 25 years.

Our task today was to paint, clear out and tidy up the interior of the main barn

building which had not been touched for a long time. Painting a barn with some

of the animals inside was quite entertaining and we were given the chance to see

the animals in other parts of the farm, I even got the chance to feed a Jersey cow

called Clover – not an every day occurrence in a major city! - Chris (SUCV Chair)

If you're interested in getting involved with Heeley farm in particular, they're always looking for volunteers to help you, so do get in touch!

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