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Edale with Peak District Rangers

This weekend, we had the pleasure of going to a beautiful part of Edale and working with the Peak District Rangers near one of the National Trust bunkhouses. We got the train to Edale and were greeted by the rangers and their lovely dogs, we were then driven to the bunkhouse where we started work.

Some of the trees in the area had fallen down or had been chopped down due to disease so we began by sawing these trees into more manageable sizes and collecting all of this wood into piles. After we had finished sawing, the smaller bits of wood were left for habitat piles and we helped to move the bigger logs on to the back of the rangers’ vehicles by forming an excellent human chain. We unloaded these logs into their log store and stacked them so they were ready to be burnt later on. We even got to have a go at splitting the logs using nothing other than a LOG SPLITTER, which was an extremely satisfying piece of machinery to use.

For lunch, we found an unlikely place to sit – on some logs. We had a quick lunch accompanied by the rangers’ dogs, one of whom has featured on escape to the country and countryfile TWICE! Once we had gotten over the minor shock of being in the company of a celebrity, we finished lunch and carried on stacking logs. The rangers then drove our wasted bodies back to Edale station and we all had very lengthy naps on the train before arriving back at Sheffield at around 4pm.

Thank you very much to the volunteers that came along! They all worked extremely hard and a great day was had by all!


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