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Collab with Nottingham Uni

This weekend, we got the train over to Nottingham and did a collaboration with Nottingham University’s Conservation Society. They own an allotment/community garden in which they grow their own produce and maintain it for wildlife. We caught the bus from the station to the university campus and arrived at the allotments at around 11am and started by weeding some of the beds, we then planted potatoes and broad beans.

After a spot of gardening, we headed to Wollaton Park to try and spot some deer. Unfortunately, due to the dire weather, the deer were not out and about basking in the (lack of) sun. After this, we headed into Wollaton Hall, a museum with an excellent taxidermy collection and wandered around here wondering what sort of life these animals led before having their internal body parts removed and replaced with stuffing. We finished off our time around the university campus by warming up with a quick drink at the university bar before getting the bus back into the city center.

We then transformed into full tourist mode and had a look around the city center, we even went to the oldest inn in the UK and got a bit to eat before continuing our tour and finding something truly exciting – a solar powered litter compacting bin. This wasn’t just any bin but a bin that holds 8x the waste of your average street bin and one that even emails the council when full. What a feat of technology.

All in all, despite the unexpected monsoon, it was a good day and very different to the usual task. So thanks to all the volunteers for coming along!

Hope to see you all again soon,


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