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Crookesmoor Community – Sydney Road

This weekend, we trekked up the hill to Crookes and met with Kuladitya from Crookesmoor Community Forum, a group of volunteers who regularly meet to improve the natural areas around them. There is a small woodland area on Sydney Road in Crookes which is maintained by volunteers from the local community, this was our second visit to this woods in the last year. We worked here and removed young Ash saplings which were causing disruption to the residents below the woodland. We also did a spot of bramble removal and general clearance of the area.

It was a lovely day so we ate lunch and sunbathed in the blistering heat of tropical Sheffield and were treated to delicious homemade cake by one of the residents. We got to work with lots of the residents and it was great to meet some like-minded individuals.

As usual the volunteers did a wonderful job and it was lovely to see what a difference our work made, the area was significantly clearer by the end of the task and we even finished early!


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