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Sydney Road Task

This year we had a task closer to home than usual, in Crookesmoor! We partnered up with Crookesmoor community and planned a bracken/bramble clearing task on Sydney road.

We met at the union, slightly later than usual as the location was so convenient to get to, we then met up with an ecologist and like minded conservationists (including neighbours of the task leader!) who all came to lend a helping hand.

When at the site we had a great time lopping down trees and clearing all the bramble, the progress we made was astounding and together we helped clear twice as much as we’d hoped to get done!

Our task leader then gave us an interesting talk about how houses were previously situated on the site we worked on but gradually the ground began to give way, forming a massive slope! Bearing in mind this hill was so steep there were more than a few trips and tumbles from us.

Thanks to Crookesmoor community for having us and we plan on returning to the site to help out with some more site management! Hopefully we’ll get to plant some new trees/flowers this spring!


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