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Crookesmoor Community

We had another task with Crookesmoor community soon after the last one. We met at the union per usual and our task leader Kuladitya was kind enough to give us all a lift into the peaks where they own part of the woodland! Something him and his partner have poured their savings and time into!

They needed us to do some bracken clearing and prepare the land for possible planting trees. Their wood was beautiful, with a stunning location and space to sit and enjoy a fire, it was just gorgeous!

We soon got to work and cleared a large proportion of the brambles that had started to grow out of crontrol. Hours of hacking were kept enjoyable with a raging bonfire, plenty of tea and biscuits and great company!

We all enjoyed working with Kuladitya and even got to have some fun with his doggy!! All in all another great success of a task and we have another task planned in the spring, if its anything like this one, it’ll be great fun.


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