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70 acre hill

To kick off the new semester we had a task with Dave Sinclair and his fellow conservationists to 70 acre hill. The site (all 70 acres) needed management, but with the help of SUCV we had a damn good crack at it!

We met at the union, caught the 52 and then met up with Dave and his conservationists who lead us into the site. The weather was in full force, with snow, rain and winds that could knock a tree down. However, when actually in the site, we had a lot of shelter due to the surrounding woodland.

We had a high turn out of conservationists, all of which gave 100% of their effort. Dave’s team kept us topped up with tea and started a fire to help keep us warm.

All in all, another productive task and great admiration for all the conservationists that braved the horrendous weather and got thoroughly stuck in! We hope to be working with them again soon.


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