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Gleadless Valley

This was one of those tasks where we got to start a little late since our destination was just a tram ride away from the University. Thankfully, despite being a gloomy day the rain stayed away and we got to the Valley to meet host William. Gleadless Valley is something of an undiscovered gem in Sheffield, with promises of beautiful wild flower covered valleys in the summer (as we were informed by William) and a long history to back it up! I’m no poet so I can’t do it justice but we worked on a lovely piece of land with winding paths and tall trees.

The volunteers all worked on clearing and managing the piles of wood stacked up on the side to prevent people from using them for bonfires and such to avoid damaging the woodland. We worked in two teams in nearby sites and made quick work of the large piles of wood. The before and after was definitely something that made us all proud to see, our hard work made a noticeable difference! We even had a few joggers and people with pets stop by to say hello and ask about work so all in all it was a good day! If the photos in the brochure are anything to go by, I’ll be visiting Gleadless Valley in the summer in search of wild flower meadows!

- Vaidehi (Task Leader)

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