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High Peak Estate

Last weekend, a team of dedicated volunteers came out with SUCV to the National Trust High Peak Estate in the heart of the Peak District. Having been partnered with the maintenance crew at the estate for years, SUCV have carried out many tasks in this gorgeous area of Derbyshire, and it’s safe to say it seems to be one of the old favourites!

This time round, the team were providing a bit of TLC to some trees growing near the Blue John Mines. With only three of the maintenance crew on the job, our seven lovely volunteers provided the muscle needed to remove the stakes inserted to support the young trees, stripping away their plastic casings before they could become too water-logged. Such water-logging can cause serious rot problems with trees, so despite the plastic being biodegradable, their removal was required as soon as the stakes were no longer necessary for tree growth.

Somehow, amongst all the love given to the gentle giants, our volunteers managed to find some time to spend playing with the rather spirited dogs belonging to the High Peak Estate Crew, and taking in the marvellous views over the peaks – it’s a hard life being a volunteer!

Thank you to all who came on the task – as always, our work was much appreciated by the National Trust.

- Katie (Task Leader)

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