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Fundraising Treasure Hunt

The SUCV's first treasure hunt was a traditional treasure hunt with a twist! Unlike a traditional treasure hunt that uses map co-ordinates alone, each clue was designed to be unique and test your wit and problem solving skills. But it didn't stop there! Upon arriving at the clue there was a ‘letter’ and a further clue leading you to the next location. The ‘letter’ was the treasure! Several letters were scattered around Sheffield city centre and made up an anagram.

The team who figured out the anagram the quickest was the winner! However the players could play tactically and ask for a further clue to save time, but they must pay a five minute penalty.

We had three teams of brave challengers!

Team David

1 five minute clue penalty

Total time 1 hour 4 mins

Kat-£20 Sainsburys gift card

David-fit bug pedometer

Aigo- Harris hawk feather

Team Public anemone

No penalty

Total time 1 hour 14 mins

Mollie- waitrose wine

Daniel- herb bible

Team Bee stingers

1 five minute clue penalty

Total time 1 hour 18 mins

Chris- cello tape

Alec- 7up

Joy- arse face soap

We had an amazing night and successfully raised £26 for the Bumblebee conservation trust! I would like to thank Sainsburys for their kind donation of £20, Waitrose for the well received donation of the wine and the bluemoon cafe for letting us use their cafe as a location for one of the clues. And thank you for all those who took time to play. I'm happy to report due to the unparalleled success the treasure hunt will be back in September!


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