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Heeley City Farm

What a great first task to kick off the new conservation year! SUCV had fun on Saturday 26th September painting, planting and putting up a fence to spruce up a picnic area of the farm.

Our task involved painting a shed and three picnic benches bright purple, planting along paths and putting up a fence, which included digging stump holes, cutting the wood, drilling it all together and finishing it off with a lick of green paint.

While at the farm, we explored other areas and came across many animals such as peacocks, chickens, goats, pigs, cows, a horse and even some runaw

ay sheep!

Thanks to all our volunteers who helped out on the task and a big thank you to Heeley City Farm for having us.

The maximum number of places was limited for this task; so if you didn’t get a spot this week, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming emails, which normally gets sent out every Tuesday/Wednesday.

The farm are also very keen on volunteers, so if anyone is interested in volunteering there, do get in touch with them.

David (SUCV Vice-Chair)

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