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SUCV Christmas Meal

On Sunday 13th December we had our long awaited Christmas meal, this year it was hosted at the Wick at Both Ends (If you don't know it, the Wick is a quaint little pub on West Street that does some very nommy food and is also known for its quality entertainment). So what can I say about the night you ask? Well, first and foremost the food was very reasonably priced and was very enjoyable. Though due to the busy time of year they didn't have the full menu available, but they made it up to us with three bottles of free wine! ...which inevitably lead to a night that was filled with many laughs and cheer. Then came the presents! It's just not food on a SUCV christmas meal ah what else was there? I got a rather snazzy elf hat, Becky got a relaxing colouring book, Mollie received a sleek toy car and Jamie got a travel book (with a few additions of personalised funny entries! ) so yeh, it was a rather grand night indeed!


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