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Oak Wood

Personally I really loved the Oak Wood task. We went to a beautiful part of the Peak District and helped Kuladitya and his wife remove brambles from their piece of land. I felt like I was doing particularly important work as they plan to eventually run woodland based events there, ranging from plant and fungi identification and foraging, to woodcraft events for children and adults, to environmental art therapy and ecotherapy.

We got a tour around their land and got to see the badger dens which was exciting. We climbed a tree, stood on moving ground (a tree was strongly swaying in the wind) and ate the great lunch provided in a tent. There was some debate about the best way to drink tea and we enjoyed the cookies and scones provided a lot. The work was slightly tiring and I am relieved that none of us fell down the hill even though it was steep. The weather was very windy but it was still a sunny and beautiful day. We all got to talk with each other and have great conversations.

I felt lucky to work on an ancient woodland site, with such great people, in such a beautiful place. It was a very fun day and I hope to go back and help them soon. I am thankful to Kuladitya and his wife for inviting us and to everyone who came along. I hope to see you at another task soon.


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