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Action for Stannington I

Early this Semester, we helped with Action for Stannington, a volunteering group in Sheffield who do tireless work to improve their local community! A short tram journey away, we try and visit Stannington each semester to take part in a range of jobs to give them a hand at their local community centre.

One of the main jobs of the day was painting the main building, which needed a good bit of TLC! Our volunteers did a nice neat job of the place, making a big difference to the appearance of the area. In addition to this we helped clear the paths that ran through the park, with mainly weeds and hedges being removed and trimmed.

Also with November fast approaching, we helped in maintenance of the local war memorial. This involved cleaning the area of weeds and leaves, and then planting a beautiful bed of flowers.

Around lunchtime we stopped for food which Action for Stannington so kindly provided us and have done on a regular basis! The buffet included dishes such as vegetarian lasagne and a range of pasta and was so good we almost struggled to get out again for the afternoon.

Despite being full to the brim with Italian dishes, we managed to soldier on and finish off the tasks we had set out, and made it back in good time.

Action for Stannington are a fantastic group who actively work their socks off, as shown by the buffet they manage to supply to us out of their own kindness! If you’re saddened by missing out this time around, keep an eye out next semester when we’ll be sure to go work with them again!


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