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Collaboration with The Horticultural Society

This year, we’ve set up a new collaboration with the university’s Horticultural Society! We

went on our first task with them last weekend. The Horticultural Society are based at

Furnace park, which is an old industrial site. This space is owned by the university, who have

allowed the Horticultural Society to manage it. Their aim is to reform it and turn it into a

wonderful community space and allotments and so far, they are doing a very good job!

Furnace Park is only a 15-minute walk from the SU, so we walked down there and on arrival

we were greeted by Jake, one of the committee members of the society. Jake told us a bit

about the society and gave us a plan for the day, which involved a huge variety of tasks from

weeding, harvesting, planting, mulching and painting!

Despite threatening throughout the day, the rain was kept at bay and it turned out to be

quite a nice day, nice enough that some of us were worried about not bringing suncream!

We managed to do a lot of work at the site and by the end of the task, you could really see

the difference all the extra help had made! All in all, it was a very chilled out day where

everyone was free to work at their own pace and try out lots of different things. We even

had the chance to shoot a few hoops (sadly, with a very deflated basketball)!

At the end of the task, there was a lot of harvest collected and all volunteers were welcome

to take some home for themselves. We finished the day by heading over the road to The

Ship Inn for a drink and chat.

I am very much looking forward to our next task with The Horticultural Society and if anyone

is interested in joining them for regular tasks like this, you can find their group on facebook:

Thank you again to those who came along to the task, I hope you had as much fun as I did!


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