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Longshaw with the Peak District Rangers

This Saturday we worked with the peak district rangers in helping at the National trust Longshaw estate in the Peaks! Going to the Peaks is always an occasion I enjoy, the break from 3rd year work and chance to enjoy the country is very welcome. Getting the train to Grindleford, we got a lift from the station there to Longshaw where we helped them out with a recent woodland project.

In previous stages of the project, trees had been felled to help the growth of a new habitat. Our job was to collect and trim all the loose wood which couldn’t be purposed, as well as reduce the amount of Bracken on the surface to encourage plant growth. All the wood we collected was put towards a large bonfire, which was set above ground slightly to protect the fungi and plants underneath. Any large unwanted logs were used for habitat piles. These are especially useful in the winter and autumn months for any hibernating insects!


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