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GIAG at Whirlow Hall Farm

To kick off the year, we paid a visit to Whirlow Hall Farm to help tidy up around the pond and barn. Whirlow Hall Farm belongs to the charity, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust which is an environmental and educational charity where children can come and learn about farming and the countryside.

We met at the union and caught the bus from Eccleshall Road, after which we had a 20-minute walk ahead of us. Alison, who works for the Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, met us half-way and walked with us to the farm. When we arrived at the farm we were greeted by a camera crew from the university, who spent the day filming the volunteers.

We spent most of the day clearing vegetation around the barn and pond. There were lots of brambles and stinging nettles to be cleared so it was by no means an easy task! We used secateurs to chop the vegetation and pulled some of it out by hand. After we’d removed it, we made a big pile by the edge of the site so that a tractor could come by and pick it up.

Once we had cleared this vegetation, Alison gave us a lovely tour of the farm. We got to see all of the animals and had a chance to sit with some and stroke some of them. One of our volunteers even had an up close and personal experience with one of the goats!

Alison then showed us around the vineyard and took us to the farm shop. It was a tiring day but everyone worked very hard and their efforts were very evident!

So thank you to everyone who came along to the task and I hope we will be seeing you again soon!


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